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05-07-2019, 01:53 PM
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Heya, I've actually been reading around a lot more often lately and I've actually been wondering which version of Avisynth is prefered. I ask this, because I've seen in certain tutorials that multithreading is useful. However, certain plugins that I try to use for testing in AvsPMod aren't exactly "recognized." Does this mean that only plugins that support multithreading are going to work with Avisynth MT?
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05-07-2019, 02:09 PM
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Welcome to the fun world of Avisynth.

The official 32-bit had most plugins, works well, but is slower.

The MT 32-bit build is faster, with MT scripting, but some plugins balk, and can fail to work properly or at all. I've quit using MT because I'd too often get glitched frames.

The x64 bit + is faster yet, but has less filters. I mostly use this for QTGMC and KNLmeansCL, but I'm trying to expand.

I do not use 32-bit + version, inferior to official from what I've experienced and read.

Avisynth is a constantly changing amoeba of a freeware, and can be hard to follow at times. But worth it.

I've learned quite a bit from selur's Hybrid, the most recent releases. He had both Avisynth and Vapoursyth embedded, and you can learn from the scripts created by it. Quite useful.

AvsPmod has both x86/32-bit and x64 versions. Use the same bit level for the Avisynth script.

Same for VirtualDub. Use VirtualDub2 x64 for x64 avs scripts, and VirtualDub official/regular for 32.

Got all that?

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05-07-2019, 02:17 PM
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Yeah, I've gotten all that. I actually have been using the MT version for QTGMC deinterlacing for quite some time though. (Mostly for DVD rips, I haven't gotten into VHS ripping fully yet, but this serves as a good start.) I do hope that I don't have to use two versions of Avisynth at the same time so that way I can keep my filterwork as lossless as possible. X264 isn't exactly the most "lossless" format. Even if it's "Visually Lossless." Though, I've lucked out a couple times for certain plugins like SmoothD2, since it supports multithreading. I'm still out of luck for removal of dot crawl, flickering, ghosting, etc...
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