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08-25-2019, 01:24 AM
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Hello people!

Marcelo here from Argentina taking the handle on Avisynth.

Was a little hard at first getting it to work properly until I checked all but now it runs smooth.
I use a Windows XP x86 PC for capture using Virtualdub2 with Lagarith and my desktop Edit PC (Windows 10) with AvsPMod x86 and X64 with Avisynth+ x86 and x64 and VirtualDub 2 x86 and x64. Mainly using X86 versions of every software. Also using my laptop to edit short vids.

At this point I'd like to clarify: I only editing with Avisynth, for now.
Probably will take the videos with Premiere later for making a longer video or adding some effects or special filters.
I am not using Virtualdub filters (except for CCD). I write the script in AvsPMod+ and then open it with VirtualDub2. Change to Fast Recompress. Select Lagarith.

I know I could use AvsPMod script encoder but it doesn't put out the audio... I know, I could join'em later or use a the VfW codec but meh... lazy

Anyways, I wondered if this method would be ok and how you open video files with audio with Avspmod.
I try'd installing the audio codecs but didn't work, neither with DirectShowSource().

Luckly it wasn't so hard to understand, I am a webmaster/photographer so programming it's one of my skills. Took some time to find what functions work best for what and look for updated versions of some posts or scripts. Some of them make me wonder some things:

Question 1) I saw many (if not most) scripts where crop and add border to keep the aspect ratio of the capture and compatibility with planar, wich is perfect, BUT after that they do color tweaks, wich it will affect the border color (I checked).
Correct me if I am wrong but for a true black border, I think it should be used at last of the chain and work with the crop'd video and only when needed add the borders or crop'em again for some filters.

Question 2) Changing the order of some filters doesn't seem to do a major change on the final picture except for the mentioned on Q1 and sharpening and others. For example: applying levels first and then QTGMC or viceversa.
Altought I think color correction should go after of deinterlacing. Do you have a preference for some method or chain of work on this matter?

Currently working on:
I am currently working with captures of VHS-C of a camcorder or a friend.
Used a VHS-C to VHS adapter for capture with my Panasonic AG4700.
I know some of you are not fans of the adapter, but let me tell you something: Here many many camcorders are NTSC, even if Argentina is PAL-N. I found my old JVC camcorder and its NTSC. Sadly my friend tapes are PAL.
Also I just ordered another camcorder, a JVC GR-SXM747, almost mint, complete in box with all it's accesories for future VHS-C captures.

Regarding that: I was wondering some things I have done with the vids.
I added a capture of my current status: the video it's already been trim,crop and applyd a filter for drop's and black lines (some still remains).

Now, my next step keeps me a little confused.

I see that most use CCD (Camcorder color denoise), wich seems to work fine for some things, altought I see a similar, and in some ways, better result directly using QTGMC and follow filters to clean the deinterlaced image.
I understand that if I want to keep the image interlaced I would wanna work with CCD, but still I'd like your opinion and experience on what would work best in what situations, also if you intend the final result would be for MP4/h264 (for be seen on HD Tvs via usb) and what would you do diffently for DVD.
Not saying I wouldn't use CCD, just that, maybe, for some camcorder vids it might not be mandatory.

Keeping in mind that in Argentina most material it's going in MP4/MKV files It's mostly sure I will end up no using dvd. Blurays didn't catch up since they are expensive, only PS4/PS3 users have'em. Most people uses the Internet, netflix or just watch things online from some shady sites. DVD's are being trown at the garbage or sold for cheap. And we don't even have 4K smart tvs! (mine I bought it in Chile and bring it to Argentina)

Green Line:
A problem I have with some videos it's that they have a green line on top of the video. Mostly seen on low light situations, but present in most of the video. Cropping it's not an option of course. Any has a solution for this? I found a script that does fix it partially applying a mask using CCD, but some yellow can be seen even after applyed.
I uploaded a part of the original video with the green line.

IDEA: I was thinking that a UML diagram could be pretty usefull for new people using Avisynth. Kindda surprisses me that no one did one. Would be pretty usefull, knowning the do's and do not and what do first or later.

This for now. Will update later when my brains stop thinking in code lines

Please give advices

Thanks for reading and sorry for the bad english.


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