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12-05-2020, 03:05 PM
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Been very lucky the last couple of months, I needed to find a replacement NV-FS200 there is something up with mine I just never noticed it until I got another one a few weeks ago there is a problem with the colours they looked washed out and this was during playback. I wasn't lucky with the 1st one it had problem with the head drum and a few other things those problems were stated in my other topic. So I waited a week or so and another one popped up on the ebay of course, this wasn't as cosmetically in better condition than the 1st one but I needed one quick. I messaged the seller who lived a few miles away from me, to test the machine 1st which he did I asked him to play a few tapes for a couple of hours or so and get back to me if they played perfectly fine but don't get back to me if it lost any picture on playback (didn't want another one like the last player).

He messaged me back but also brought the player round the next day (left it on my porch so I could pick it up) left it with me so I could test it myself for a few hours all this before I even maid my mind up if I would take it or not, I was happy so I told him I wanted it so paid him for it I paid 135 I was happy. Only thing missing with this machine were the side panels and remote but I have asked the previous seller with the faulty player if they don't get it working would they sell me their remote and side panels and also the case top of the player waiting on this.

Then the next day a Panasonic AG4700 come up I offered the seller 118 which he accepted, the machine only had a service 4 months ago and it's in a really nice condiction.

My main question about these 2 players which one would you prefer to use as a playback device this is what I am using them for in my capturing workflow.

To me the NV-FS200 is as really nice vibrant colours and also the bonus on playing NTSC tapes
The AG4700 also looks nice, but colours don't look as vibrant like the NV-FS200

This isn't how they are going to be set up I'm just making some separate shelving for them.
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12-06-2020, 11:00 AM
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FS200 best of all the PAL Panasonic decks.
No contest.

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