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03-22-2011, 04:23 AM
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I'm looking for a new web host at the moment and a friend of mine recommended me ixwebhosting.com because of the good support. Has anyone already experiences with them? For me, support is very important, even more important than the price or the bandwidth, although they offer unlimited bandwidth. Thanks you in advance.
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03-24-2011, 06:29 AM
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No, IX Webhosting is not a suggested hosting provider.

For a list of suggested web hosts, read this dFAQ post: List of Best Web Hosts - Shared, reseller, VPS, cloud, dedicated

Quick suggestions:
If you want an enterprise-grade quality host, look at EuroVPS.
If you want a cheap host, that still has some quality, look at Stablehost or Ninjalion Hosting.

ixwebhosting.com one of those over-advertised hosts that gives out high affiliate payouts to lure in new customers. And then, much like Godaddy and the 30+ Endurance-owned hosts, it seems that's where their interest stops. Based on legitimate user reviews, support is unhelpful and quality of uptime/hardware tends to be terrible. From 2008-2010, you'll find many valid complaints on respected hosting sites (WHT, for example) concerning IX. Their problems are habitual and well documented.

IX is a Commission Junction affiliate, and has a payout of $50-150 per sale. (All CJ publishers can readily see what the payouts amounts are, so this is a verifiable fact.) So when you see "review sites" with IX listed as a "top rated" host, you know why. What they really mean is "IX pays us the most, so buy from them so we can get our $50-150". By contrast, quality hosts generally cannot afford to pay out more than $5-25 per sale, because they actually invest their income in quality hardware, quality bandwidth, quality datacenters (rental or otherwise), as well as trained/knowledgeable support techs.

You'll see these sorts of hosts referred to as "oversellers" or "unlimited" hosts. This is because they'll oversell their services, stuffing too many clients onto a single server, which causes everything to run slow. And because resources are finite -- there's no such thing as an "unlimited speed" CPU or an "unlimited size" chip of RAM -- you'll find that there are very narrow limits on what can be done with your hosting account. These limitations are buried in their site documentation, such as the Terms of Service. Unless you're hosting a teeny tiny little HTML-only homemade site for personal use, then you'll want to seek better quality services. These are NOT business-grade plans, as uptime tends to be unreliable, and there's little room for expanding your site (including more traffic as your business becomes more popular). For that matter, it can be unacceptable for a high-traffic personal site.

And to make the situation ironic, many of the better hosts are the same price, or even a little less costly. Go figure. The primary difference is a good host puts a cap on the space and bandwidth you're allotted. It's not "unlimited".

Again, if you want an enterprise-grade quality host, look at EuroVPS.
If you want a cheap host, that still has some quality, look at Stablehost or Ninjalion Hosting.

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04-18-2011, 09:05 AM
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In the past month, I've seen several instances of ixwebhosting spammers on forums.
That's never a good sign -- quality hosts don't do that.

Most sites delete spam. We remove the links, edit as needed, then respond to it.

See also: Spammer Dedication Thread (i.e. Sites to Avoid, Things NOT to Buy!)

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