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03-24-2003, 07:56 AM
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Hi there,

I don't know wich section i put this question, so I put it in here

I have an Avi NTSC 29.970 and i want convertir to Pal 25.000, but i have 1 probleme, the probleme is audio, i know i can convertir Movie to Pal with Frame rate, but audio is different, i know how i can do with video audio 23.976 to 25.000 ( i use Wave Lenght Adjust 0.26) for that.

Here is the exact ration 960/1001 (~23976/25000) NTSC to PAL.

Here is my question What are exactly ration for 29.970 to 25.000, like :

?/1001 (~?/25000).

Thanks for your help & hope you understand what i mean with this question

Btw, with besweet don't works, if i convert 29.970 to 25.000 with besweet, the sound like more slow motion.


This are the commander for 23.976 to 25.000 with Wave Lenght Adjust 0.26
WLA input.wav output.wav -r 960 1001 -n

   remove samples from input wavefile. If input file contains 50000 samples
   it will end up with 47952 samples (50000/960*1001). Normalizing the amplitude
	 in the process. This could be usefull for compressing the audio from a NTSC
	 movie to the PAL format, here is the exact ration 960/1001 (~23976/25000).
Only i like to know is the ration of 29.970 & possible 24.000 too.
1001 = 25.000
960 = 23.976
? = 29.970
? = 24.000

Thanks again.
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07-15-2003, 03:32 AM
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Use moviestacker and write in the script ConvertFPS(25000) if the source is an avi(video+audio), and you wont have problems with the audio!
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