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10-02-2002, 11:04 PM
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thanks for you attention ........

i burn a kvcd just like muaddib learn:

"You can use all KVCD templates if you change it to MPEG2 and set 3:2 pulldown." ............and:
"Personally, I love to load KVCDx3, change resolution to 480x480 and set the CQ_VBR ~20. It gives me about 70+ minutes (23.97fps-wildscreen) of near DVD quality movie! Well, at least seen with a Sony 34" (not HDTV).
If you need more minutes/cd or if your source is full-screen, then you can go for 352x480, or lower a bit more the CQ_VBR."

it WORKS!!!!!!!

and the image is very clear........really!
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