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10-08-2002, 05:29 PM
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i want to use the mpeg 1 templates that were created for cd to get dvds with long playtime for example i would be able create a 12 hour dvd with your kvcd original template or a 9 hour dvd from thekvcdx2 2 cd template(nonplus) template or a 12 hour dvd from the kvcdx2 1cd template or maybe a 18 hour dvd fron the kvcd lbr template
with the plus templates a 9 hour dvd for kvcd plus or a 6 hour dvd from the kvcdx2 plus (better quality than KDVD) this would be able to give me more room for longer movies that are off tv like dinotopia which is full screen and i dont know if it was shot as film cannot figure this out
oh and will DVD workshop 1.2 allow you to use videos created with the cd templates for dvds if this is possible then i would love to transfer and archive my vhs movies on dvd-r with chapters a dvd with this long a playtime would save me lots of ca$h for all the dvd-rs i have to buy using the standard 2 hour format
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