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10-13-2002, 01:15 PM
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Hi, just bought a 28" w/s tv with built in dvd player (manufacturer bush). So far it has played everything i have burnt without a problem: vcd, svcd on any media. But...

I would like to fit a whole movie on 1 cd (happy to sacrifice quality). Downloaded a template and converted avi to mpeg with TMPGenc, file size ok 698mb. Burnt it with Nero unticked the appropriate box. Plays fine on DVD player but movie length is only 1h8m24s, sure enough it cuts off at this point. But played the .dat file from the cd in windows media player and it's the full movie 1h46m04s... why won't my DVD player let me watch the whole d*mn film it's on there..!!

Any ideas appreciated, will provide any info requested if it may help. Thanks.
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