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05-20-2004, 12:19 PM
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Hi there,
I have been looking for the authoring program which accepts VOBs (with 2 subtitles and just 1 soundtrack). What I am trying to do is to transcode 2 movies (by using DVD Shrink) and burn it onto ONE dual layer DVD+R (I know dual layer blank disc is still not available yet, but dual layer burner is just released).

Here is the problem: I use TMPGEnc DVD Author most of the time and I know it accepts VOBs. I did a test by importing just ONE movie in VOBs (created by DVD Shrink), created a very simple menu (with just a button and a background picture), the new set of VOBs (with the menu that I created) created by TMPGEnc DVD Author, there was NO subtitle at all, it just gone! I viewed it in PowerDVD, no subtitle for selection. I burned it onto DVD-/+RW, still, no subtitle at all. Where did the subtitle go? The source VOBs (i.e. the one created by DVD Shrink) played perfectly in PowerDVD, subtitles worked perfectly. So, I suspect TMPGEnc DVD Author is the culprit. Any idea? Thanks in advance.
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05-20-2004, 02:05 PM
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Tmpgenc Author does not supports subtibles; See in the spec of the tool.

You need DVDlab Pro au Maestro for that.
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