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01-28-2003, 10:47 PM
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new AviSynth 2.5.0 beta

read and download:


This is a beta release.

There are still some quirks, but most functions are quite stable by now, thanks a great alpha testing team!

You need to update ALL your plugins, since the plugin interface has changed.

To use YV12 mode you need a vfw codec that is capable of decoding these data. See more in the FAQ section at


Known issues are:
- Stackvertical can give strange results at some resolutions. Use resolutions that are multiples of 16.
- Temporalsoften can still act strange in rare cases. Try moving it to a different location in the filter chain.
- Some filters, in a certain order may produce problems. Try moving your filters around.

Otherwise have a look around http://www.avisynth.org or look by the forums at http://doom9.org

* Native planar YV12 support.
* Multiple audiochannels. Unlimited number of channels is now supported.
* Float samples support. AviSynth is now capable of processing samples as floats.
* Automatic sample conversion. If some filters doesn't support a specific sample type, they are converted to the format preserving most quality (most often floats).
* Optimizations. Many basic features has been optimized, and now performs much better than previous versions.
* Temporalsoften has a significant speed improvement, scenechange detection and a new improved blend mode.
* Limiter can limit the YUV ranges, to avoid invalid color values and improve compression.
* ColorYUV makes it possible to do very exact color corrections. ColorYUV has built-in auto-whitebalance and auto-gain features.
* Select separate planes using UToY, VToY and merge them together again, using YToUV.
* Fliphorizontal. implemented.
* SelectRangeEvery is now part of the core functions.
* Blur, Sharpen, Resize optimized.
* Fast XviD colorspace conversions.
* Updated installer.
* AviSynth icons.
* See clip info using the info() command.

... and many more internal changes!

A rather complete changelog can be found at:


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01-28-2003, 10:50 PM
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I'll stick to 2.07 for a while, until all AviSynth filters are ported to 2.5

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