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05-28-2003, 10:08 AM
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Hi Kwag,
So for cartoons, the GOP should read as 1-12-2-1-12 or 1-5-2-1-12? NTSC cartoons also use the same GOP? Thanks!
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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05-28-2003, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by syk2c11
Hi Kwag,
So for cartoons, the GOP should read as 1-12-2-1-12 or 1-5-2-1-12? NTSC cartoons also use the same GOP? Thanks!
1-12-2-1-12 (PAL), 1-15-2-1-15 (NTSC)

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05-29-2003, 08:09 AM
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What about FILM (23.976fps) ?

I've been using 1-12-2-1-12.
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06-01-2003, 08:01 PM
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Originally Posted by kwag
Hi Rassilon,

Just use the "current script" posted, and lower the GOP to 12 frames. That should give you excelent quality and good compression.

Hi Kwag,
I'll have to admit, I'm a complete dunce with this... I've followed Black Prince's guide to create a KVCD from DVD but I can't even get Decomb to work, now I've done what you've said, and I can't get it going..

Firstly I copied the script into the MovieStacker script window and saved it as a preset, when I loaded it up again (I went to find the path that my filters are in to copy that into the filter path) a completely different script was there. So I used the full screen editor and saved it as an AVS file, also changing the path to the filters and also the name of the MPG file. Now ToK doesn't like it because it's an MPG file, not AVI
What I'm after if you can help is:
1. What resolution should I capture to? (From our previous discussions, I should capture to AVI using the HUFFY Codec in RGB - But this time I've captured directly into MPG format as this was Pre my knowledge of the KVCD forum)
2. What script should I use (OK, You've answered that one - I just can't get it working)
3. How do I use it?
4. The DVD player that my daughter has doesn't play KVCD's (It's an old Poineer 525k - Plays KVCD's 1/4 screen (Top Left) and B&W)
5. What can I do with the MPG file that I already have to clean it up?
6. I've found GOP settings in ToK, is this where you mean to lower the GOP setting and which one?

Also, is there an "Idiot's guide to filters"? I feel bad asking this one, but this site has become so big and so confusing at times to a new person like myself. Would it be worth creating a Forum from the front page of the forums purely explaining what each filter does from each author and a link to the authors specific discussion thread? i.e. There will be a Filters Forum off the main index. In there, will be a forum for each filter that the Author of the Filter can moderate? Just a thought.

Thanks heaps for your time, please reply to this when you have time as I've waited this long so far, I can wait some more, I just don't want to continually bombard you with questions (Which is why I go away from this forum at times for a while as when one of my questions gets answered, another 2 or 3 crop up).

- Rassilon
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