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10-17-2003, 08:29 PM
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strange, ive installed avisynth 252 and now everytime i load a script into VDUB it works but when i close vdub i always get an error msg from vdub,
AppName: virtualdub.exe	 AppVer:	 ModName: unknown
ModVer:	 Offset: 0110f6c0
this is the only info i can get apart from the usual vdub has encountered problems and needs to close etc, which is probably just double dutch to everyone including me. TMPGEnc doesnt have any troubles displaying or encoding.

Im using version MPEG2Dec3 for Avisynth 2.5 by MarcFD,Nic,Trbarry,Sh0dan.
Im using the latest version of vdub(V 1.5.6 build17971) , although i tried on older versions with the same thing.
Im using 1.77.3 DVD2AVI

im running winXP

at the moment im trying the MA Script however i tried no filters only loading the d2v file,
Basically im trying to find why im getting this error which seems nothing more than an inconvenient popup, but i dont like errors if i can avoid them, any help appreciated, thanks...

edit : im sure if i had just said, I get an error message when i close vdub can someone please help me im a noob, i would have gotten a reply by now by someone telling me off cause i didnt give enough technical information blah blah blah, instead i take the time ti give relevant info and i get met with silence? maybe i need a more interesting subject line that isnt related to my problem instead of logically stating the actual problem to save ppl needlessly coming in here and wasting their time?? i dont know... out
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