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12-07-2003, 04:10 AM
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It's in French, but here's the translated readme file (translation by Manao at the Doom9 forum):

Deen 1.0 beta 1

Deen(clip, str mode, int rad, int thrY, int thrUV, 
     int tthY, int tthUV, float min, float scd, string fcf)

mode: "c2d","c3d","w2d","w3d","a2d","a3d"
       2d = spatial / 3d = spatial + temporal (3 frames)
rad: radius (1-4 in 3d / 1-7 in 2d)
thrY, thrUV: treshholds : luma, chroma
tthY, tthUV: temporal tresholds (3d only) : luma, chroma
min: 1 = no reduction .. 0 = maximum reduction
     When using 'w' mode, it's how the weight of the pixel is reduced when 
     its distance is raising
     When using 'a' mode, it's how the threshold is reduced with the raising
     of the distance
     When using 'c', it should do nothing ( no tested, it's a guess made by
     me, I can't test right it now )
scd: Scene change Detector : threshold over which a 2d mode is used, in
     order not to have a temporal ghosting with high motion. Higher values
     means potentially more ghosting . scd=-1 allows the viewing of the value
     with debugview ( only '3d' mode, it's a debug mode, I can't test it right
     now so you'll have to guess what it does )
fcf: full control file (check demo.fcf.txt in the zip file). default is "", 
     which means no fcf. It allows an overriding of the parameters for
     ranges of frame. 

Finally, defaults are : deen("c3d",1,7,9,4,6,0.5,9,"")
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