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12-21-2003, 12:46 PM
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I've been informed that using Avisynth vs Virtualdub(frame serve) is by far better. for KVCD(s). Can someone give me basic instruction for using Avisynth? I have a captured AVI (640*480). I presume that I would edit the file before using Avisynth; is this correct?

The only help I need at this point is making a script that will deinterlace the captured vid via TMPGEnc (after edited). I've read the Optimal Script forum msgs but haven't found any significant leads as of yet.

In advance, thanks for your help!!
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12-21-2003, 01:00 PM
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You will edit USING avisynth NOT before using Avisynth, thats the purpose

Well, first take a look at Avisynth.org. Have a beer and read
(Its very much, thats why you wont end up with only one beer )

And in case of de-interlacing ... don't let TmpgEnc do this! Also this is a very good job for avisynth.

Search in this forum and you will find some interesting threads (just search for "deinterlacing AND 23.976 AND 29.976" and you'll find some interesting stuff.

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12-21-2003, 11:27 PM
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here's your script:


Download "decomb.dll" and put it in the PLUGINS directory of avisynth.

You'll need to resize that capture though to make a KVCD that is playable on a standalone

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