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03-30-2004, 05:45 AM
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Hi everybody.

I'm right now trying to find a good script for DVD->KDVD encoding with CCE. I target to put 2 movies Anamorphic on one KDVD with AC3 sound, menu chapters etc.
Phil pointed me on the script he's using, and I gotta admit it looks amazing most of the time. For everybody who does not know, here it is:

Mpeg2Source("F:\*.d2v" ,cpu=4)
BilinearResize(704, 576, 8, 0, 704, 576)
LetterBox(0, 0, 16, 16)
I did modify it a bit, with the help of DCT-Filter Lines by Inc, to gain some more compression. but that's not the matter of this post I think. I want to know the cause of these "unnatural" surfaces I experience in some Conversions. Here are 2 sample pics which were encoded at 704x576 w/ KVCD Notch Matrix and Q-Factor 15 with the script mentioned above. Sorry for the size. I didn't want to compress them so you can see the effect as I do.

I know that this is a common problem. I just want to know how I can better this effect. I'm pretty sure blockbuster will help with this one, but it just EATS so much compression, because I only noticed the noise with variances of about 1.0. And I actually don't think it is a good idea to filter out noise beforehand, and spray it back in the end of the script, wouldn't you agree?
To me these scenes look plain "Overfiltered". I know that I also use a softening filter with Bilinear Resize, so this might already be the cause, but I wanna make sure. Are those the Temporal Filters that lead to this effect, or the spatial ones?
any help/comments are welcome.

Edit: I just notice that the second pic is looking very dark, but you alreade get the effect with the first one, so I take it out. If you want further pictures, I'll post some more.
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03-30-2004, 05:54 AM
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Why did you double post ? I just answered to the other thread

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