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02-14-2005, 04:13 AM
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Again, lot of new things for capture :
  • Build 23174 (1.6.4, experimental): [February 12, 2005]
    [features added]
    * Capture: Added support for detecting and correcting discrepancies in
    the video time base. This can reduce frame drops if the incoming frame
    rate is unexpectedly and regularly too high or too low.
    * Capture: Added command-line support.
    * Capture: Timing settings are now saved.
    * Capture: Stop conditions can now be modified during capture.
    * Capture: Luma squish can now be separately enabled for the black and
    white ends of the luma spectrum.
    * Capture: Luma squish now works with planar YCbCr formats.
    * Capture: Frame timing is now exportable as a comma-separated-value file
    for analysis.
    * Added an option to reopen the input file while preserving the edit

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