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05-21-2002, 02:32 PM
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I want to convert my SVHS-c tape to SVCD or XVCD. I want the beeesssst quality no mather how big file size is. I Capture using the S-VIDEO in of my miro dc30+ at 704x480 (7.2k/s) with th miro mJPG codec .

What template is best to convert my avi file to a high quality SVCD or XVCD.

Thanks !
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05-24-2002, 04:06 PM
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the best template will only give u the best quality when your (source) captured file is immaculate....
i'd suggest trying the KVCD 2.0 template, if u want xvcd.
some folkz swear by cce when doing svcd.
i personally favor tmpgenc when converting from vhs.
for quality, try capturing with the huffyuv codec and converting with the kvcd template for xvcd and the svcd template on highest settings/bitrate or (dvd2svcd) for mpg2/svcd.

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