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03-09-2003, 02:28 PM
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I know this subject has been touched on before as I have read most of the posts on it during the last few days but I need to post this request.

I'm trying to copy DV video from my Panasonic DX100 camera via a 1394 firewire connection. I'm then using TMPGEnc and various templates to convert to either SVCD or X(S)VCD to play on a Sony DVP-S735D player.
Now, this is where the questions come in. What kind of quality can I expect? The disks I am producing at present appear to have lots of blotchiness in them with any movement of the camera. The AVI's are produced using Ulead Vidiostudio 7.0 and are of type2. I have also tried sc-Live but get the same results.

Is it possible to convert AVI's, edit, encode and burn to disk and still get the same quality as from the original camera output. Or am I flogging a dead horse. Should I just edit and then record back to the camera and then record to video tape?

Obviously, I'm looking for a comparison quality or are my searches in vain?

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03-10-2003, 12:29 PM
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what are some sample scripts (avisynth) you are using?
which filters have you tried either with avisynth or with virtualdub?
what resolutions are you capturing at and with which templates, mpg1 at all, or just mpg2 ?

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