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07-25-2003, 12:10 PM
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Hi I am new to the forum and what I am trying to do is write a 90mins film to one 700mb disc.

I was pointed in this direction and it looks just what I am after

What I did was capture a film from my PVR250 card to DVD MPEG2 which gave me a good quality. I tried to capture to vcd but the quality was bad.

Now I want to fit this film to one 700mb disc.

I have downloaded the templates and put one into TMPEGNc but I am having trouble loading the MPEG2 its asking for a video and audio file.

I used the TMPEGenc tools to split the file I got the video fine but no sound file or not one that TMPEGnc recognises.

Can anyone offer any help as to what I am doing wrong.

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07-25-2003, 12:54 PM
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The best advice I could give you is to go to the main page and follow one of the guides. I can tell you how I would do it but if this is your first encode then you will be flying blind and you would see why you need to do some reading first. Basically your best bet would to create a DVD2AVI project and use the resulting .d2v as your source in your AVISynth script. If your source is telecined you will want to IVTC using decomb.dll. Load your script into TMpgenc and use one of the various tools to find the right CQ. Encode and mux your resulting .m1v with the demuxed mpeg audio from DVD2AVI using bbMpeg and burn to disc. If your standalone doesn't like 23.976 source make sure to mux as SVCD and choose 2:3 under 'pulldown' in bbMpeg. I have the PVR-250 and have made some really nice xSVCD's without further encoding, I didn't think the effort of encoding DVD caps to SVCD was worth it based on tests that I did, but this is a good thing. Just curious, when you say 'film' do you mean a TV capture?
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07-25-2003, 01:10 PM
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Welcome pothole,

I'd also recommend doing what Dano said...read some of the useful How-To Guides listed on the right hand side of the main www.kvcd.net homepage. If you want to do things the proper "kvcd way" (aka, the right way! ) and end up with good results, then there's a bit more to the process than simply downloading a tmpg template and plugging in your source file. Take a look at Red-M's "KVCD From Scratch" Guide to familiarize yourself with the kvcd process...it's really not as difficult as it may first seem. And then read, read & read some more in the forums here...and then ask around if you've still got questions and someone will be happy to help you out. Pretty soon, you'll be showing off your KVCD collection.

Good luck,
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