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08-21-2002, 12:43 PM
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I used a AV Master 98/Lite to capture from VHS to HD. The reason i bought this card is i have too many VHS Cassettes and want to go in Digital dreams. So Analog to Digital. It captures the files in MJPEG as avi. Hardware Compression is at its best 1:4 /1:8 for both half Pictures. Thats 2,44 Mbyte/sec or S-VHS.

Here comes the Deal: All captured Avis seems to be ok, but subtitles (VIVA+)comes with ghost noise if captured at 50 Pictures PAL. Only then! The sharpness is a little less than on original tape. If i use high quality wires like gold contacted, will the quality become the same as source? I use SVHS/Cinch Adapter from Dazzle. And whats about that 50 Pictures/Half Pictures? Without it (unchecked) its for miles better. But if i convert AVIs to SVCD and i use inverse telecine than everything is ok. Field Order? it takes the b-Pictures away. I thought im in scene but thats not the point. Its my first card, and it was expencive, so i was wondering if the quality is ok or can i expect more from this card? The other side is that all i have try to convert to VCD at 1150 the sharpness is gone. Like blur filter. Im so disguisted, i expected more from this tool. The only template, that had more sharpness is this from KVCD. The DVD 2 Template is it! Its like original. But it waste 1 Hour of time to compress 1 min on a P3/500. Whats going on? The VCD Template use the same time -10% less. And the blurry video is like gray fog. But at all no macro blocks!. So many other users tells in Forum that they have macro blocks. I have a perfect picture, when that blur is gone. Any Suggestions? I will take the details to the compression Forum.
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