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01-31-2006, 10:50 PM
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Now that I'm an Ebay trading assistant and have customers who have
consigment to sell, good photo pictures are a must. I was inspired to
build a light box out of pvc pipe from the following article:


Having read about using defuse lighting to bring out more detail of
photographic objects, my results with the light box was so dramatic
that I wanted everyone to share this article. True, you can buy a
light tent, but this homemade project allows me to customize tent
sizes when every I need. My price to assemble this box was $30.
See what you think and let me know what you use.
I made a cube 26" with a 90 degree elbow having an third outlet to
join three to each corner of pvc. Then had a friend sew four
panels that had a tube sown in the material to slide over the pvc.
The backgbround is poster board from an art supply store cut to fit.
Three clip lamps with 100watt bulbs to illuminate from two sides and
the top, gave me the perfect shadow free area to take pictures.
With a tripod and digital camera set to zoom, I'm in business.

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01-31-2006, 11:25 PM
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Hi BP,

You can also make a wooden box with slides(slots) in the walls, so you can change colors, frost, etc. Let me explain: You can buy here: http://www.fazetron.com/roscogel.html
gelatins, which is what's used on stage lightning, theatres, etc. ( I did for a LONG time ) and you can create many effects.
For example, if you get "Frost" gels, you get a better light diffusion than with those drapes I see in the pictures
But you can then combine frost gels + colored gels (blue, magenta, lavander, etc.) and make true effects, specially if you add diffusion plus a couple of narow beam spotlights, to create heavy cast shadows.
Then your pictures will look even better
Let me know what you do

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