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09-20-2006, 02:24 PM
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I have a problem with 100's of MS Works spreadsheets that I want to
convert to Excel xls files via a batch process. I have works version 6
and a new HP all-in-one deskjet printer which refuses to print in
landscape. It also pops up an "Out of memory" message when I try.
HP says it MS's fault, and MS says it HP's problem. What I could find
out is that MS Works ver 7, ver 6, and ver 4.5 are the problem sending
printer commands for landscape that the newer printers can't under-
stand. I tried Works on and older printer and it worked, but the new HP
refuses to obey this command. I was given suggestions to find and older
version of Works that doesn't cause this problem, save every works
spreadsheet to excel (alot of work) or one at a time save each file as
xls. Anyone have some suggestions that would make this an easier


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