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06-28-2003, 01:31 PM
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I was just reading a little about this unit, and it looks pretty cool! (no pun intended... )

Upfront...this unit is NOT for those on a budget. (somewhere around $250 U.S. with waterblock and all)
That being said, if you`re a novice at this sort of thing (like me) and lookin` for a self contained watercool sys,
that is easily moved from PC to PC, with NO Case Modifications...this may be worth lookin` into!
And like I said...Looks pretty Cool too!

Heck, Set-Up looks so strightforward...even a moron like me, in the area of water-cooling can do it!...

Aricles: Temps, BenchTesting, Pro`s and Con`s (may be a bit dated)




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