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09-19-2003, 08:46 PM
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Take a look:
What does it look like
And what platforms (processors) does it run on :

acorn26   acorn32   algor     alpha     amd64    amiga     amigappc  arc       arm32     atari     bebox     cats     cesfic   cobalt    dreamcast evbarm   evbmips   evbppc    evbsh3    evbsh5    hp300     hp700     hpcarm    hpcmips   hpcsh     i386      luna68k   mac68k    macppc    mipsco    mmeye     mvme68k   mvmeppc   netwinder news68k   newsmips  next68k   ofppc     pc532     playstation2 pmax      pmppc     prep      sandpoint sbmips    sgimips   shark    sparc     sparc64   sun2      sun3      vax       x68k      

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