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04-05-2004, 05:23 AM
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Ok, I'm not a fan of ever growing threads that's why I made another one instead of posting on the original skype thread, enough of that.. I am starting to fall in love with voip, I make long distance phone calls all the time and this, when we can perfect it, will make life so much easier (cheaper) for all of us!! anyways to my point... I downloaded skype and set it up with a couple of friends, need I say I really liked it? well, what I loved more than anything was the idea of being able to use a REGULAR phone with it, so I did a search and came up empty so I thought of designing a USB device that would allow that, I got in touch with a friend (electronic engineer) and talked to him about it, I'm a computer engineering student so we could pull the project off (probably hehe) anyhow, we considered it but doing a more throrough search I actually found such a device online but it's 40 some bucks and it's a bit more than I want it to be so I came back to the idea of an alternative so here's what I have so far... voice modems, every modem nowadays has voice capabilities so theoretically we could just plug in our regular phone to the modem and with the right software we could make it work with skype right? I don't know much about voice modems so, has anyone done/used anything similar?
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