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06-12-2004, 11:11 AM
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hy all!

this is the way that i use to get only what is needed
removing all undesirables audio tracks,subs and credits to encode
--->faster and "cut-back/cut-off" with precision!
is called *CUBA-COFFEE by myself!

DVD DECRYPTER: http://www.dvddecrypter.com/
DVDSHRINK: http://www.dvdshrink.org/

how to remove credits and undesirables audio tracks and subs before encode:

open dvddecrypter,
click in Mode ---> File
click in Tools ---> Settings and adjust in
File Mode tab ---> "On Startup-Select Files" ---> Main Movie
Rip the dvd movie to hd!

now open DvdShrink, click ---> Re-author
and open the ripped movie from dvddecrypter(drive,folder,main movie)!
double click in Main Movie and in Title X (where X is the title number).
click in ---> Compression Settings tab
choose ---> No Compression and
---> uncheck all undesirables audio tracks and subs!
in "Re-authored DVD" on the left side of DvdShrink,click on the icon
---> Set Start/End Frames, choose the desired chapters and/or frames!
hint: the credits stay in the last chapters(or in the 2 lasts,depend of the dvd)
click ---> ok.
see the "preview" in the left side, click in "play" icon
with audio and full screen,just choose using "right click".
all is ok like you choosed?....then go ahead!

click ---> Backup in the toolbar and browse the hd folder to save.
done!...now you can "trash" the "old" dvddecrypter ripped folder!
open D2s or dvd2avi and do your job!

*CUBA-COFFEE advantages:
really better than using dvd2avi to cut cos you don't "break" the frames.
can listen and see in the DvdShrink preview the exact moment where the
video and audio fade out before the credits, turning the rip smaller to encode faster and with more free space in hd!

i will it help!
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