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06-17-2004, 12:58 AM
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Final decision by KVCD.Net and all head moderators, is to restore MencodeME forum and PackShot forum.
Regular mencoder forum will be moved to a locked, read only area, until the product is stable and useable by end users.
Right now, the results are mixed, and the KVCD image is being jeopardized because of instabilities of mencoder.
KVCD and KSVCD are useless with mencoder, and that's a fact. Until the rate control and other related issues are fixed, KVCDs and KSVCD are completely unreliable, and we will not support this until further notice.
The mencoder development has been now moved to the KVCD Development forum, which is a private and closed forum for developers, until all of the issues are ironed out and resolved.
We will NOT discuss mencoder at the command line level, as we feel that the results are not useable for a production environment, as in the case of TMPGEnc, CCE, and other commercial encoders which are perfectly useable.
Hopefully, in a near future, the mencoder forum will be restored, once all things get settled.
In the mean time, the forums will be restored back to the state we were some weeks ago, so everyone can go back to stable encodings with TMPEG, etc.
MencodeME and PackShot forums will be available as these programs hide the internal "under the hood" functionality of mencoder, and this is a good thing for users to test and play with mencoder.
But we will not talk, or support, anything about encoding parameters in this forum.
We will restore the mencoder forum when we feel that it's ready for prime time.

Hope you all understand the issues,
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