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09-26-2002, 04:24 AM
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I`ve heard everywhere how good tmpgenc is at mpeg 1 - especially with kvcd templates, and i agree it is superb, but what about mpeg 2 ?
I`ve recently been encoding a large huffy captured file( 640x480 from vdub sync 1.5 hrs , 38 gb)
to mpeg 2 to burn on a dvdr as dvd format.
I`ve tried the conversion with mgi vid wave 5 - smooth but a bit pixely.
Ulead DVD studio - Better but thinks the file is only 5 minutes long & stops ! even with my NTFS drive on win XP !, and finally frameserved from v.dub to LSX mpeg encoder, then re-sized & authored in MGI Vid wave 5.
The last way is definately the best - viewed close up the resolution is much cleaner and the motion is very smooth.
So back to my question - I thought TMpgenc was supposed to be the best ? I`ve tried all the standard dvd templates & KDVD but the quality just dosen`t match my other methods !
Anyone know a better method, my way is a bit long winded !!
If ulead worked ok this would be great - anyone know why it thinks the file is only 5 minutes long ?
cheers !!
Sorry for all the questions , but it`s my wedding video i`m doing from VHS so is quite important to me !!
Cheers !
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10-01-2002, 03:27 PM
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I think CCE is supposed to be the 'bees-knees' for SVCDs, not so easy to use though and I've had no problems doing straight encoding to SVCD with TMPGenc.
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