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10-04-2004, 04:55 PM
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I've ripped a 2min clip from a DVD, used DVD2AVI to create the D2V and run that through TMPEGEnc using an AVS script (ReadAVS.dll installed) and normal VCD as well as LBR template . Headach3e has converted to mp2 and BBMPEG muxed the lot.

When I playe under WMP or KVCD Player I get a blocky output with lots of green blocking(and many other colours). Movie plays fine under Real and QuickTime, however WMP compatibility would be very useful.

Is there a reason why this is happening?? Seems very odd indeed. I went right back to a very basic convert in TMPEGEnc using its own template straight to MPG as well as M1V and muxing and exactly the same problem arises, so I assume it is something to do with TMPEGEnc.

Thanks for any pointers.


LoadPlugin("C:\My_Data\Apps\dvd\filters\mpeg2dec.d ll")
LoadPlugin("C:\My_Data\Apps\dvd\filters\fluxsmooth .dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\My_Data\Apps\dvd\filters\GripFit_pr eview.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\My_Data\Apps\dvd\filters\blockbuste r.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\My_Data\Apps\dvd\filters\legalclip. dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\My_Data\Apps\dvd\filters\sampler.dl l")
LoadPlugin("C:\My_Data\Apps\dvd\filters\dustv5.dll ")
LoadPlugin("C:\My_Data\Apps\dvd\filters\temporalcl eanerold.dll")


GripCrop( width=352, height=288, overscan=1,source_anamorphic=true )
Blockbuster(method="noise", variance=.7, seed=1)
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10-05-2004, 02:38 AM
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Why should it be a problem of tmpgenc ?
Your problem is with the mpeg1 codec that is installed on your PC when you read the m1v !
WMP uses it, Realplayer doesn't, neither Quicktime.
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10-05-2004, 02:54 AM
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Thanks for the thoughts. I never used to get this problem with my MPG files; the ones I did last year play fine. After *alot* of messing around it would seem that TMPEGEnc is very unhappy with other processing going on (on my machine) in the background. If I let it do the encode and then move on to other things the encodes work fine. . . .

Ah well, it all works now!


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