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10-02-2002, 10:00 AM
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...here's what I do!

I took the good old Xmpeg and insted of the frameserving crap I actually did a full avi with the Huffyuv codec and uncompressed PCM audio. It took me about +-100mg for minute. As you can imagine I get a really good quality avi. I took the avi put it on tmpegenc and use the KVCD-CQ-352x288-PAL et voilá I couldn't see any quality diference between this way and the avisynth/fitcd way. Of couse we're talking about 12Gb for a two hour movie not including the vobs and the final mpeg.

But... and here is the diference, it was faster than the frame serving way. I can get 20/25fps on my PIII800 on both Xmpeg and Tmpegenc Witch gives me a total 10/12fps, the other way not counting the dvd2avi, mpeg mediator, headac3he, vobsub subtitling, I can only get 6/8fps. Mayby I'm doing something wrong in the frameserve way.

So here's what I do: I open the old Xmpeg, open the info, choose subtitles. Then on global project otions put 352*288 in the size, choose decode audio 441000, format YuY2, filtering Bressenham and work around the show output pad. If you have a interlaced font there's no way xmpeg handle it, and subtitles still have some bugs so let's wait for the next version this month. By the way, on my Dolby Prologic I Hi-fi system there was no sound diference.

I still use fitcd to calculate the maximum bitrate, leaving CQ80 and the minimum as it is.
I haven´t done to much experiments on this, it's just a crazy/newby/user freindly ideia that have already work a cuple of times for me. This is only the general picture here, not every step.

And has you can see my english needs some working too... I'm portuguese!

Thanks Kwag for all your great work!!
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