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10-14-2002, 07:17 PM
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I'm just trying to see some light at the end. First all the I really love the KVCDx3-MPEG-2-NTSCFilm template. Best ever quality. Looks great on my brother APEX. KVCDx3-MPEG-1-NTSCFilm not too far behind but I have to use this as I have a non SVCD Sony DVDPlayer. This template looks good on my brother's Apex also.

I just can't understand how file predicting works. You mention on another post that KVCDx3-MPEG-1-NTSCFilm can be used if file predicting gives the green light. Like IL = Framecount / 100 # interval length in frames.

Do I have to type in what IL is using the formula and manually calculating of does it work on its own. If I do it by my own, I get a decimal. I have to change that into an integer to get what everyone has. I don't see a thing on doing that. That's one of the many confusions I have with file predicting in fitCD.

I know I have ask in an earlier post and you have responded that I use KVCD-LBR-09132002-352x240-_NTSCFilm with a CQ increase to 30. Personally, the end product look crappy. It was like less than 50% quality of my KVCDx3. I read people putting Shrek and Monsters Inc on a single disk. Until I see it, it's hard to understand their definition of "perfect". I really want to get KVCDx3 quality unto a single disk.

Again KVCD-LBR-09132002-352x240-_NTSCFilm does put in one CD but at a cost, lousy video.

Can you restore my faith and set me back on the Yellow Brick road again. I have need for another alternative using KVCD templates.
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