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10-19-2002, 01:39 AM
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1) What is your source? Monsters Inc. DVD
2) What is the resolution, framerate, aspect ratio, frame type, etc. 23 fps
3) What settings did you get with FitCD? anamorphic,DVD Source
4) How did you extract the audio? DVD2AVI
5) What is the movie lenght? 93
6) Which KVCD template did you choose? KVCD LBR cq 80, sound 128
7) How many CD's do you want this movie on? 1

I am hoping that some one will have answer for me in the morning, but I am ripping Monstores Inc., I encoded with the KVCD LBR with a cq of 80 max bit at 1200 and I got some block noise in some places. Its only 93 minutes. any help to reduce block noise. I have an Apex 500w, so I think my choices are limited.
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