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05-22-2006, 06:45 PM
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I have this evening tried to encode a film about 132mins long in MPEG1 in TMGEnc 2.5 using cqmatic(latest). I am using the folowing script:

LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\Avisynth 2.5\Plugins\MT_MaskTools.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\Avisynth 2.5\Plugins\MaskTools.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\Avisynth 2.5\Decoders\DGDecode.dll")
mpeg2source("C:\We Were Soldiers.d2v",cpu=4,idct=7)

dull = last
sharp = dull.LimitedSharpenFaster( ss_x=1.25, ss_y=1.25, strength=150, overshoot=1 )

Soothe( sharp, dull, 20 )


I loaded TMGEnc with the CQ Pal_plus 352x288 template as i wanted to encode this movie in MPEG1 having not had much success in MPEG2 with HEnc.
Cqmatic gave me a CQ figure final of 89.73, which i suspect is not correct and an error for a film of this size! as the purpose is KVCD output, could anyone answer the following for me please:

All the usual resetting of TMPGEnc and purging of the cqmatic folder had been done prior to prediction.

Can i use this script with KVCD and or TMPGenc ?
Do i need to resize perhaps with Billinear as opposed to Lanczos(4) etc.
Any other help with the error would be appreciated.
The source is DVD.
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05-22-2006, 08:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Blubear
Cqmatic gave me a CQ figure final of 89.73, which i suspect is not correct
You're right. It's not correct.

Can i use this script with KVCD and or TMPGenc ?
You can use any script with CQMatic.
Check your settings again, specially clearing range on TMPGE before saving your project.

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