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08-03-2006, 04:52 PM
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I was surfing around the forum for help on converting Avi to kvcd, but all i could find were very outdated guides that didn't help me much. So now that i actually know how to convert an avi to kvcd, I decided to make a easy and updated guide.

Downloading and Installing

- Install Avisynth where you want, it doesn't matter.
- Download the files below and extract all the files into a central folder.
Example: C:\K or D:\K etc... (Make it something short)

- TMPGEnc kvcd Templates (352x240 NTSC/PAL depending on where you are)

- Avisynth 2.56

- Plugins (ATC, BlockBuster, Convolution3DYV12, DctFilter, Deen, Undot, mpeg2dec3)

- TMPGEnc Encoder

- ReadAVS VFAPI plugin

- HeadAC3he + Plugins (Libmmd.dll, MPAlib.dll, Azid.dll, ssrc.dll, Vorbis.dll, Lame.dll, MP2enc.dll)

- VirtualDub Mod

- PARanoia

- Mplex

- DivFix++

- Some patience!

It should now look something like the picture below.

- Open up your TMPGEnc folder and double click the ReadAVS folder.
- Read the readme.txt << (All of it)

Virtual Dub Mod
- Open up your Virtual Dub Mod folder and double click "AuxSetup.exe".
- Then click Install Handler and you're done!

- Alright go to C:\K (or wherever you extracted everything)[/url]
- Right click anywhere in the folder
- Click New >> Text Document and rename it as AviT.avs
- Make another new text file and this time name it as Avi.avs

- Click Avi.avs and copy and paste this into it.



Convolution3D(1, 6, 12, 6, 8, 2.8, 0)
- Now open AviT.avs and copy and paste as you did before.
- Under the line LoadPlugin("C:\K\MPEG2Dec3.dll") add the line LoadPlugin("C:\K\Sampler.dll").
- At the very end, under ConvertToYV12() add the line Sampler().

(Warning: The scripts need to have file resolutions divisible by 4 so check
http://www.kvcd.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7223 and make sure you did it right!)

- Now you have both your scripts ready!!

Video & Audio Mumbo Jumbo

Error Checking
- Open up DivFix++ and locate your file and (Make sure you backup the original file)
- Make sure "Cut Out Bad Parts" is check and click Check Errors.
- Done!

VirtualDub Mod
- Open up VirtualDub Mod and locate your fixed .avi file.
- (If a message pops up asking you to reprocess the file header click No)
- Choose Video > Direct Stream copy
- Choose Streams > Stream list
- Now right click the audio stream you see and select Full Processing Mode
- Then click Save Wav on the right.
- After the Wav has been extracted, click Disable on the audio stream.
- Then click OK and you're back to the main Vdub Screen.
- Making sure that the Video setting is still on Direct Stream Copy, click File > Save as "filens" < Just an example (ns = no sound).
- Done!

- Open up PARanoia and open up your soundless .avi file.
- The file will start playing, but you can click pause.
- On the top menu choose "Configure Avisynth Commands" > "Use Resizer" > "LancosResize"
- Then on the Resizing window on the left choose "NTSC 352 X 240"
- You can tick the mark where it says "Overlayed" also
- On the top menu choose "Avisynth Script" > "Show/Preview/Safe Script".
- Copy and paste this script into both your Avi.avs and AviT.avs.
- Basically instead of looking like

it should look like
- Open up Headac3he and browse to your .wav file.
- Set the "Destination Format" as MP2.
- (Hint: If you don't know which is your .wav file on the folder's top menu choose Tools > Folder Options > View and uncheck Hide extensions for known file types)
- Check the tick mark "Resample to" and it should say "44.1 KHz"
- Click the Options button twice and set the "Channel Mode" to Dual Channel
- Then set the "Bitrate" to 112 or 128. (I usually do 112; its fine)
- Click Start and wait!

Sample and Final Video Encoding
- Alright, we have the audio file all done, now it is time for the video.
- Open up TMPGEnc and get hold of a calculator.
- In this guide, I am assuming that you want this video to fit on 1 700MB Cd so to do so follow the calculations kwag taught me below.
- Open up VirtualDub Mod and open up your .avi file. (Audio doesn't matter)
- Move the slider on the bottom all the way to the right and write down the number of frames and the length of the movie in minutes.
- Divide the # of frames by the length in minutes.
- Divide the number you got above by the magic number 24.
- We'll call this number A.

- Copy and paste this number or write it down somewhere!

- Now subtract your Audio File's size from 800 so (800 - Audio Size)
- We'll call this number B.

- Divide A by B so (A/B) and this will = your magic sample size number which we'll call C!.

- Open up AviT.avs with TMPGEnc and load up the template "KVCD-CQ-352x240-_NTSCFilm_-PLUS.mcf".
- Click the Setting > Advanced and in the "Source Aspect Ratio:" choose "16:9 Display" (If your TV is something different, choose accordingly)
- Click Ok, and click Start!.
- Wait and see what your sample file's size is.
- If it is higher than C, lower the CQ value.
- If it is lower than C, higher the CQ value.
- Do this accordingly till you get one that fits. (Shouldn't take but 5/10 mins)
- Once you get the correct CQ Value, open up Avi.avs and set the settings accordingly to the Test results so the video file will fit on the CD.
- Then click start and wait it out.

- When TMPGEnc is done, open up Mplex and its time to join the audio and video files together!
- Set the "Output MPEG File" for the multiplexed file as anything you want.
- For "Input MPEG Video File" locate your .m1v file TMPGEnc spat out after encoding.
- For the "Input MPEG Audio File 1:" browse to your .mp2 file.
(Hint: If it doesn't show up just browse to the right folder and type the file name in)
- Now for the settings

Settings>Program Stream type>VCD (check)
Settings>Program Stream type>VBR(check)
Settings>Program Stream type>Write Program End Code(check)
Settings>Program Stream type>Multiplex Video (check)
Settings>Program Stream type>Multiplex Audio (check)
Settings>Program Stream type>Forced Mux Rate>0
Settings>Program Stream type>Start Second:>0
Settings>Program Stream type>End Second:>99999
Settings>Program Stream type>Max Size (MB)>794
Files>Multiplex Now!
^^The above has been copied and pasted from Black Prince's Guide due to tired fingers and a fear of Carpal Tunnel.

- Now you have your kvcd file! w00t.

- To burn just search around and you'll find it. I prefer Nero.

P.S: Sorry for not updating the guide before, I actually forgot I started a guide and left it off.... . So well after gettin' a P.M., I came back and while surfing I realized I had to finish my guide and therefore I sat down and did it.

Well thanks for the reply DialHot, Yea I'm oldschool, but I updated the guide! :P
Someday, 12:01 PM
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08-03-2006, 05:21 PM
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The guide is nice, and the idea pleasant but as you whish to do an "updated" guide, why use a such old (and not so good) script ?

You should use this one :

Blockbuster(method="noise",detail_min=1,detail_max =3,variance=0.1,seed=1) Deen()
Blockbuster(method="noise",detail_min=1,detail_max =10,variance=0.3,seed=5623)
There is even better scripts but at least this one is far better than the old V1 script of mine you suggested.
The "blindPP" can give problem because of the need of height and width that are mod16, but nothing is simple in KVCD .

Note: you should also use a ConvertToYV12() in case the source is not in this format. Only Divx and Xvid codec outputs are YV12...
03-23-2007, 05:50 PM
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Nice guide, thanks a lot kvcdman
03-24-2007, 08:52 AM
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I agree, nevertheless I close the toppic to avoid further answer / questions about it.
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