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10-30-2002, 09:47 AM
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Kwag...I am totally impressed by your templates!!! My DVD copies look AWESOME

I am trying to put my DV home videos on VCD. I see a lot more blocks then I do when I use ripped VOB files. I am wondering what template would be the best. QUESTION1: If I want best quality and I don't care about file size, how should I modify the KVCDx3 template?

I used VDub to filter the aliasing using the Area filter. I also used a "temporal" smooth filter. I still can't get rid of the blocks. It is especially bad when the video switches sceens. I do alot of fading from one sceen to the next and I don't exactly have a steady hand either . QUESTION2: Are there other filtering techniques I should try?

I am playing this on a standard TV. Therefore the dvd player sends an interlaced signal to the TV. QUESTION3: Does it really make sense to de-interlace the video when the DVD player is going to re-interlace it to send it to the TV.

Finally, I see that mpeg2 has an encoding option for interlacing and mpeg1 does not. QUESTION4: The dvd player is goind to play the video as interlaced whether I play mpeg1 or mpeg2 so what does this mean?

Thanks for the help guys
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