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Below is a list of DVD players that have been confirmed to work with KVCDs, as based on information submitted by site members who have actually tested the players.

Resolution notes:
  • KVCDx3 is defined as 528480 (NTSC) and 528576 (PAL).
  • KVCDx3A is defined as 544480 (NTSC) and 544576 (PAL).
Also understand that this is not a complete list of all KVCD-compatible players. There are probably many VCD, DVD and Blu-ray players out there capable of playing KVCD, SKVCD (KSVCD), and KDVD encoded video discs. When in doubt, use one of the official KVCD or KDVD test discs to see if your player will support the videos.

Brand / ModelResolutions SupportedNotes
ACI Flex-1000B portable704x480(576) 
Aiwa XD-DV370Doesn't work. 
Akai ADV1150Doesn't work. 
Alba 114 DVD352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Apex AD-500W352x240(288) 
Apex AD-600A704x480(576)Also Works at 352x240, Min bit rate=600. Turn remote PBC button OFF.
Apex AD-600A544x480For 544x480, use MPEG-2 NTSCFilm and in MovieStacker select 3/4 Full.
Apex AD-660Doesn't work. 
Apex AD-1100W704x480(576)Encode at 29.97fps.
Apex AD-1200352x240(288), 704x480(576)Also at 480x480 but re-mux as SVCD and burn as SVCD.
Apex AD-1500352x240(288), KVCDx3Also at 480x480 but re-mux as SVCD and burn as SVCD.
Apex 2100352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576)Also plays 480x480.
Apex AD-3201Doesn't work. 
Apex AD-5131352x240(288)Min bit rate = 700Kbps.
Bush 2004A352x(240, 288), 704x480(576) 
CCE DVD-2100352x(240, 288, 480, 576) 704x480(576) 
Cyberhome AD-M212, M512352x240(288), 704x480(576) 
Cyberhome CH-DVD 300352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Cyberhome CH-DVD 402352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Cyberhome CH-DVD 505352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Cyberhome 528352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Daytek Model P871352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Daewoo DVD 2500Doesn't work. 
Daewoo DVD 4000Doesn't work. 
Daewoo 5700352x240(288) 
Daewoo DVD-5800352x240(288)Encoded as MPEG-2 only.
DAEWOO 5900M352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Daewoo 8000K352x240(288), KVCDx3A, 704x480(576) 
Dansai 1010352x240(288), 704x480(576) 
Finlux F-510352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
GE 1101PDoesn't work. 
GE 1105PDoesn't work. 
GE 5803P352x240(288), 704x480(576)Must encode at 29.97fps.
Grundig GDV-130 fw2.36352x240(288)PAL only
Hitachi DVP323352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Hitachi dv-p325e352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Hitachi 343352x240(288) ONLY! 
JVC TH-A9R352x240(288), 704x480(576) 
JVC XV-F80BK352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
JVC XV-521BK352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
JVC 567352x240(288), 704x480(576) 
JVC XV-N44SL352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
JVC XV-S60BK352x240(288), 704x480(576) 
JVC XV-SA70352x240(288), 704x480(576) 
JVC XV-S302352x240(288), 704x480(576)Encode MPEG-1. Mux as SVCD and burn as SVCD.
JVC XV-S500BK352x240(288), 704x480(576) 
Kenwood DV-5700352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Koss Portable352x240(288), 704x480(576)Encode at 29.97fps for 704x480(576).
Koss KD-230352x240 MPEG-1.Burn as VCD.
Konka 1800U352x240(288) 
Lasonic DVD-7070Doesn't work. 
Lenco352x240(288), 704x480(576) 
MBO DVD Player 921352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Memorex MVD2027352x240(288), 704x480(576) 
Mintek 1600352x240(288), 704x480(576)Must encode at 29.97fps / Mixed reports!
Mintek 2580Doesn't work. 
Mistubishi DD-8030352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
NAD T-512352x240(288) 
Panasonic DMR-E20352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Panasonic DVD-L10352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Panasonic LV55352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Panasonic DVD-RV26352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Panasonic RP-56352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Panasonic RA71352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Panasonic RV31352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Panasonic RV32352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Panasonic DVDS35S352x240, KVCDx3 (NTSC), 704x480PAL not verified.
Panasonic XP-50352x240(288) 
Philco DV-P3000352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Philips DVD 711 fw7.12KVCDx3, 704x480(576)For KVCDx3, encode MPEG-2.
Philips DVD 707352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576)Encode as MPEG-2. Mux and burn as SVCD.
Philips DVD 722352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576) 
Philips DVD 762352x240(288), 704x480(576)Encode as MPEG-2.
PHILIPS DVD 955352x240(288), KVCDx3, 704x480(576)Mux as SVCD.
Philips/Magnavox 825704x480(576) 
Pioneer DV-444352x240(288), KVCDx3A, 704x480(576) 
Pioneer DV-333352x240(288), 704x480(576) 
Pioneer DV-343352x240(288), KVCDx3A, 704x480(576)Encode as MPEG-2.
Pioneer DV-350352x240(288), KVCDx3A, 704x480(576) 
Pioneer DV-366S352x240(288), KVCDx3A, 704x480(576) 
Pioneer DV-454S352x240(288), KVCDx3A, 704x480(576) 
Pioneer DV-355352x240(288), KVCDx3A, 704x480(576) 
Pioneer DV-525352x240(288), KVCDx3A, 704x480(576)Encode as MPEG-2.
Pioneer DV-606DDoesn't work. 
Pioneer DV-535352x240(288), KVCDx3A, 704x480(576)But MUX and BURN as SVCD!
Pioneer DV-733A, DV-737352x240(288), 704x480(576)Change MIN bit rate to 700Kbps, encode as standard VCD. NOT as non-standard VCD.
Pioneer 636D352x240(288), 704x480(576)Set VBV buffer to 22 and MIN bit rate to 600Kbps.
RCA RC5240P352x240(288), 704x480(576) 
Samsung DVD-P421352x240(288)Mux as SVCD.
Samsung DVD-S224352x240(288) 
Samsung SV-DVD2E,3E352x480MPEG-2.
Samsung DVD-709Doesn't work. 
Samsung DVD M205KVCDx3 
Samsung M301352x240(288) 
Samsung DVD-NJ01704x480(576) 
Sanyo DWM-470352x240(288) 
Sanyo 7201352x240(288/480), KVCDx3A, 704x480(576) 
Scanmagic v200352x240(288), KVCDx3A, 704x480(576) 
SEG Fitji (SEG 2230)352x240(288), KVCDx3A, 704x480(576) 

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