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11-13-2002, 02:06 PM
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Hey guys, I'm relatively new to the DVD-ripping world and stumbled onto this site after getting my feet wet making XVCDs from downloaded DivX stuff.

Anyway I've ripped Donnie Darko from DVD, which is 113 min. I'd like to fit in on one 80min CDRW, and I'm using a conventional television which doesn't even have a digital video input.

What confuses me is which template to use. I'm really confused about which is better, they all have different resolutions and I don't know if the newer ones are better than others. First one I tried was KVCDx2 1-CD (704x480) and got 600 Mb file. I believe I even raised the CQ from 50 to 55. I'm fairly happy with the results but wanted to know if any of the other templates would be better. e.g. original KVCD vs. KVCD plus vs. KVCDx3 with lower CQ?

Very curious to hear what your input is guys! Thanks. And my appologies in advance if this thread has already been discussed before. I tried to scan the forums but wasn't able to find what I was looking for.
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