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11-15-2002, 10:16 PM
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I'm having trouble with the file size prediction routine. I'm using the modified version of fitcd with file size prediction. When I load my avs file into TMPGEnc, it selection 2424 frames and goes through 1 sample encode and stops. When I use file size prediction built into DVD2SVCD, it goes through a few iterations before deciding on a CQ value.

What am I doing wrong? I assumed that adding the file size prediction to the avs file loaded into TMPGEnc would act the same as DVD2SVCD. But, then, if I could get DVD2SVCD to work with something other than 352x240, it would be nice. I want to back up a 2hr movie onto 1 cdr with the 352x480Plus template, but I can't get it right.


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