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11-18-2002, 01:31 PM
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Im having two problems and hope you guys can set me straingt. After making my svcd I multiplex as a non standard mpeg 1 it in tmpge and get the following error "355465 packets cause buffer under flow" How do I fix that. Secondly- I added the blockbuster filter to my dvd2svcd.ini file and when it gets to cce- I start getting errors and it stops. I have changed the patch to reflect where the dll file is. Can you take a look and see if I put it in the wrong place.
Thanks again for all the help. May not seem like it, but I am learning.

!SimpleResize.dll=D:\DVD2SVCD\SimpleResize\SimpleR esize.dll

!SimpleResize.dll=D:\DVD2SVCD\SimpleResize\SimpleR esize.dll


0=BicubicResize(^TargetWidth,^TargetHeight,^b_valu e,^c_value)

3=Blockbuster( method="noise", detail_min=1, detail_max=3, lv=1.5 )
4=Blockbuster( method="sharpen", detail_min=4, detail_max=99, strength=^StrengthValue )
!Blockbuster.dll=C:\DVD2SVCD\Blockbuster\Blockbust er.dll
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