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11-21-2002, 09:20 AM
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I downloaded "AN AVI" - this is the first avi file that I have seen that has 30fps...
I'm not saying that this is rare, but I don't know which template to use to prepare it to burn to vcd..

Normally the source files I see are 23.976, 25, or 29.97.. fps
So in this case would I want to start with the closest one? - 29.97fps?
Which brings up another point:
The templates here seem to be for only 23.97 and 25, - why no 29.97 that TMPEGs own templates provide?

Whenever I convert an avi with a source frame rate of 23.97, while using your templates, I deselect the frame rate conversion box that is checked by default under the advanced tab, but this causes the frame rate to change to 30fps under the video tab - at which point I just change it back to 23.97 --
Should I be changing these defaults? And if not, why is a frame rate conversion neccessary on a 23.97 source file??
I do it because my (perhaps ignorant) reasoning tells me that it makes sense if the source is 23.97 then the output should be 23.97 as well.. because it seems to play just fine on my stand alone dvd player..

But I am rambling...
So not to lose track of my original question:
which is this:
"THE AVI" file 720x432 and 30fps - what template to use?
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