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11-22-2002, 01:22 AM
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I have been away from the forums for awhile and things have progressed well in the past few months. Before I left, you had just come out with the KVCDx3 Template and it looked promising for smaller file seized because of the resolution. Well I have come back and tried out the templates ad here are my results:

Test 1:
KVCDx3 (544*480), CQ=30, 1 minute clip of Bad COmpany
File Size:14MB

Test 2:
KVCD Plus 704*480, CQ=12, same clip
File Size:8MB (9MB w/FluxSmooth and BlockBuster)

The Quality:
Test #2 Prevails amazingly with sharper picture and brighter colors and 5MB less per minute (both samples had no audio).

Why is there a smaller resolution with a bigger filesize and worse quality?
(I also have to mention that it was MPEG-2 with 3:2 Pulldown Enabled and i believe that the KVCDx3 sample played slower. Maybe the Pulldown wasmessed up. Ill have to check that but it is hard to tell speed with no audio.)

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