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12-03-2002, 01:30 AM
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I used "KVCD (120) 352x240-NTSC-PLUS" this week-end with K-19.

K-19 duration is 2h10.

I used the default template setting. But change encoding mode to:
2-pass VBR (new)
Min : 0
Max : 1200
Avg : 720
I cropped the movie too, and then reduced the Screen size beccause of the "TV-overscan" (Addborders +16 for all sides).

The whole Movie is on 1 80min CD-R.

And it looks really good for such a compression . Only the scenes, where we see ocean from plane, are a little bit noisy.. that's right.
But for the rest of the movie, it's really good. Quite no differences with a standard 80min VCD.
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