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01-15-2003, 04:21 AM
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Just for fun I ran a 174 Min move through FitCD w/all filters selected execpt the File Prediction. Ran through TEMPGEnc with your new 352x240 Template. Did not used the File Prediction. Made NO changes to the templates, used all settings as is, used the Source Range to split. First part was 91 min second part was 84 min. Came out GREAT, normal VCD, viewed on 61" Sony, picture was very good. First file was 651MB second file was 510MB so I could have increased the CQ a little on both or just put more time on the first part and have a short second part. For me this is just the thing I need for all my travels ONE good CD or two depending on the movie length. Many thanks to you and all the folks that spend a LOT of time and effort on these templates.

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