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01-19-2003, 03:48 PM
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Hi all!

Just wondering if anyone has played around and had much success with KDVD. I'd decided to play with the Bitrate settings etc and backed up all 3 Back to the future films on one dvd! Thats nearly 6 hours! All I changed was setting the CQ to 62 and used fluxsmooth in avisynth. However, i wondered wether anyone else had played with the parameters and wether they had much success. For example, how far can the Max Bitrate parameter be lowered before quality really starts to suffer? I noticed hardly any loss in quality by the CQ being 62 so I bet by lowering the Max Bitrate to around 3500-4000 and putting CQ at 65 we can fit 8 hours at DVD quality.

Who sais that playing with KDVD wasn't going to be fun!

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01-19-2003, 06:23 PM
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Hi jamesp,

Don't lower the MAX bit rate. Use file prediction to find the correct CQ value. If you lower the MAX, you might see blocks on high action scenes. At MAX=5000, it's good enough for 720x480. At least with TMPEG. Why the commercial DVDs have MAX bit rates in the 8000Kpbs Because they are crap . The mastering being done on studios with million dollar equipment is all based on "muscle power". High bit rates with poor quality encoders. That's why even some DVDs look like crap on HDTVs. The KDVDs I've done with a MAX of 5,000Kbps at 720x480, look better than many commercial DVD players . Oh yes they do, and that's on MY HDTV
So you can figure that with the new techniques, you can fit ~6 hours on a DVD. So divide your DVD size/3, taking into account audio. So if you want to put three movies on a DVD, your mpeg size per movie will be ~1.43GB in size You might want to change the resolution on KDVD Full D-1 template to 704x480. That will buy you a little more space without sacrificing quality, and it's still a valid DVD resolution

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