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02-25-2003, 11:39 PM
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I am new to KVCD and am starting my testing on a 30 second clip captured from TV with HuffyUV.

The stats on the clip are:


So far I have encoded and burned with KVCDx2 704-480, and I have a few questions.

1. GOP

Black Prince's guide says I should have:
Settings>Video>GOP Structure> I=1, P=24, B=2, GOP=1, Max frames GOP=24
In the template, the GOP structuire is grayed out, and is set at:
I=1, P=5823, B=2, GOP=1, Max frames GOP=24.

Should I unlock the template and change to P=24 or leave as is?

2. FPS

Since my source is 29.976 should I encode at 29.976 or leave at 24 fps as in the template?

3. When I try to run "Sampler" so I can estimate file size, I get an error:
"Sampler Samples must be >=2". What does this mean?

4. When I start the template the CQ is set at 60. Should I initially start at 70 or 60?

My .avs script looks like this:
LoadPlugin("D:\KVCD Templates\mpeg2dec\MPEG2DEC.dll")
LoadPlugin("D:\KVCD Templates\LegalClip\LegalClip.dll")
LoadPlugin("D:\KVCD Templates\Sampler\Sampler.dll")
LoadPlugin("D:\KVCD Templates\Dustv5\DustV5.dll")
LoadPlugin("D:\KVCD Templates\TemporalCleaner\TemporalCleanerOld.dll")
LoadPlugin("D:\KVCD Templates\GripFit\GripFit_Preview.dll")
GripCrop(704, 480, overscan=2)

Many thanks!

- Icarus
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02-26-2003, 04:46 AM
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G'day Icarus3000,

1. you dont need to changr the Gop the 5823 is Kwags sig (look at your phone and it will make sense) it really doesnt matter what number is there the max frames value will superceed it any way.

2.you should encode at 24 fps but I will leave it to someone else to explain how as I live in the land of pal and rarley deal with this.

3.Check you have the latest version of sampler cos your script looks correct.

4.60 is just a guide you can start wherever you like.
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