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03-02-2003, 08:02 PM
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I know the question has already been discussed, but still I believe there's something I can't comprise very well.

If I have an avi 25 fps, and convert it to VCD Pal, everything is OK.
If the avi is 23,97 - or 29,97 - the video is a totally jerkiness, although the audio is perfect. Things do not seem to change using kvcd pal or kvcd ntsc, and I'm afraid the more I try the more I'm getting confused (I even forgot why some movies have 23,97 fps and some 29,97!).

After reading some of the posts I suspected that the problem lies in the muxing, because the m1v file seems to play much better and I read something about the audio being encoded at 25 fps - and as the audio plays well, I'm afraid the video was "forced" to adapt to 25 fps - and needing to be changed in BeSweet. But I didn't find how to change the fps in BeSweet!

The only thing I can add is that the jerkiness is much more visible in fast motion than in slow - but that's probably obvious.
My ideas are not clear.
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