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03-05-2003, 06:08 PM
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hi all,

with all the problems that i had i finally found the highest cq value that i could go even if the correct value is supposed to be around 80...at 70 all is ok except that i had to drop down the minimum bitrate in headac3 to 112 (instead of 12 because i still had the "unable to write to output file" witn bbmpeg...at 112 for bitrate everything is ok...why??? dunno...

1- am i losing to much by dropping bitrate to 112?

2-am i using that script for kvcdx3...

LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\NimoCodec Pack\Mpeg2dec\Mpeg2dec.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Documents and Settings\MichelD\Mes documents\Programmes\GripFit_preview_0.0c\GripFit_ Preview.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Documents and Settings\MichelD\Mes documents\Programmes\FluxSmooth-1.0\FluxSmooth.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Documents and Settings\MichelD\Mes documents\Programmes\LegalClip-0.2\LegalClip.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Documents and Settings\MichelD\Mes documents\Programmes\Sampler-0.2a\Sampler.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Documents and Settings\MichelD\Mes documents\Programmes\DustV5\DustV5.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Documents and Settings\MichelD\Mes documents\Programmes\TemporalCleaner\TemporalClean er.dll")

avisource("C:\Documents and Settings\MichelD\Mes documents\Films\peter_pan.avi")
GripCrop( width=528, height=480, overscan=2)

would it be better to use movie stacker??


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03-06-2003, 02:33 PM
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If you downsample to 44.1Khz in Headache 112 kb as audio bitrate is totally fine...
at least for me!

try it out!
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