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03-21-2003, 12:00 PM
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Itís maybe too boring for some of you butÖ I would like to post that and
Iím sure they are people like me in that forum. Maybe my suggestion was
addressed before here, maybe many timesÖ Iím not sure and thatís the
reason Iím posting now.

Iím a newbie in kvcd and vcd area. I found about all of that 3 months
ago. Iím using all those filters for resizing, cropping, compressing, blah,
blahÖ but I really donít know how all of them are working. I was able to
find many explanations of some and nothing for other filters. Thatís still
mystery to me. Iím looking for something like

ďNewbie filters guide (explanation) in MovieStacker

LegalClip() Ė is a filter thatís doing compression. It will slow down your
encoding with about X%. Itís recommended (or not) to use it at any time.

TemporalCleaner() Ė is a filter forÖ.

BlockbusterNoise Ė blah blahĒ

I mean basic knowledge to let all newbies like me to know what to do in
the begging. Do I need this or not and recommendations.

I cannot find any information about some filters and Iím crossing the net
from site to site to find info in many different places and as a final result
Iím damn confused.

Basically Iím using filters but Iím not really sure what are they for (maybe
some of them).

Will anyone of the advanced members of the forum work with me to
create guide like that? Iíll do the job of writing it but I need basic
explanation, order and speed of the filters to be able to write the guide.

Iíll do that first for me and all the other confused people like me and after
that for all new members that are coming across the net. I know it takes
time and no one wants really to explain basic knowledge butÖ I hope so
my offer is not that bad.
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03-21-2003, 01:15 PM
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Hello joz,

I think this is a great idea. I'm a newbie like you and this would help me alot. I hope some more advanced people will help you.

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