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03-22-2003, 04:39 PM
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hi friends,i got this pm from paull2k
in cdrbase and need help too cos i don't convert divx,only vobs!

i'm will call him to came here after i post this thread.

thanks in advance!!

welcome in advance paul2k!

paull2k wrote for me:

"KVCD Problem
Hey jorel, I was wondering, would it be possible for you to help me out with one small problem in encoding to KVCD?

1) I tried using the official guides at kvcd.net to convert DivX to a KVCD, was getting no where fast with that guide, mostly because I kept on getting an error while trying to encode the video, it was something along the lines of getting a Sample error, the text that appears in red in the video to be encoded.

2) I gave up on using their method to encode, I am currently using the KVCD-ULBR-352x240-_NTSCFilm_-PLUS.mcf, which is capable of putting 360 minutes on one cd-r.

3) My method which I am using creates a valid KVCD, I tested on my DVD Player today, and it worked great! The only problem that I could see is this, since I'm using the 360 minutes template, the movie I created was approximately, 95 minutes in length. The final output file was around 500mb, and that is definately way too big to possibly fit 360 minutes into one cd.

4) My steps are as follows, I load the KVCD template in TMPGEnc directly, then I load the file being frameserved from VirtualDub to TMPGEnc, it encodes everything fine, except it drops a lot of frames, I'll explain that problem after I'm done with the steps I used.** After the video is all done encoding, I take the finished video to bbMPEG, I add the video stream to the project, I then take the audio which I took from the original PICVideo file encoded that to .MP2 format, then added that the audio stream in the settings of bbMPEG. Overall, the finished project looks and works great.

**When converting from a framerate of 29.9706 to 23.976. The original PICVideo-encoded-file had a total of 167563 frames; after it finishes processing the video to be encoded in TMPGEnc, it goes from that number to 134047, any ideas why that might be happening and how to correct it?

Now for the final question, how would I go about fixing it so that it burns file encoded in the 360 minutes template so it would really hold 360 minutes instead of approximately 120 minutes. Any help would be VERY much appreciated. Thank you for your help."

the internet here is boring today,very slow...
my english is horrible and
i don't convert divx!


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03-22-2003, 04:57 PM
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Hey Jorel love the new avatar

I can try to help with some of his questions, although I'm no where near an expert, so I'll just get things started.

1. I tihnk we need to know what exact error is before we can help. maybe he install avisynth incorrectly? or he does not have sampler.dll?

2. To be able to fit 360 min into one cd, he really need to use avisynth with its many filters. And most importantly File Prediction Method, or just use ToK.

3. When converting from 29.97 to 23.976, the total number of frames drop to 80% of what it use to be. you don't fix it, but you might want to use IVTC.

Once again need file prediction to actually fit 360 min, suggest him to read through the wonderful guides avilable once again patiently, and to come to this great forum and read some of the posts.

Hope this helps
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03-22-2003, 05:26 PM
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thanks friend,
i'm glad that you like the new avatar!
i hope to change it again faster...you know,
i'm thinking in the childdren and kids,it makes me sad!!

i pm to paull2k...i'm like a roling stone music:
"i'm just waiting on a friend"

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