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04-12-2003, 12:09 AM
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it's a boy!

DVD2SVCD with audio/video fade in and fade out using frame selection!

"Never be afraid to try something new. Remember,
amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic."
friend Reno in kvcd forum!

remember,i'm not a developer,just a little adamant!
i'm a newby and take more than a week to find the results.
another week to write this all cos my english is horrible.
if i,a newby with horrible english got the results,
don't need to say that you all will got it too...
and with advancements.
George Harrison sung:
if you don't know where you're going,
any road will take you there.

posted and waiting for the master:
click on "Submit a bugreport here" and search the
ID 106,Assigned,Feature Request.
of course,will be a fantastic solution!

for a while...
the best way to encode lots of video clips with fade in/out
using dvd2svcd or...
doing transitions in any part of the movie,
in the point that you want!

why i did it?
i can't stand the "changing chapters"
in the middle of a scene and breaking the sequences,
...when you choose a chapter and it's on the middle
of an action or in musicals that loose the introduction of the musics.
this really bore me.

think,if your movie have 80 minutes,
choose 8 segments with 100 mb in 1 cdr of 80 minutes!
make your own chapters!

then i try to find...and found,a simple solution to this "problem"!
you can select with precision,the exact point
where you want it and with fade in/out!

this is not a tutorial, only my way to obtain it!
the best are the programs, exelelent tools...
and was used this tools.

i'm thankful to the authors and developers of
DVD2SVCD, BeSweet, BeSweetGUI,Kwag's templates, MovieStacker
without this tools, it never could be made.

grateful for wisdom and friendship to
Kwag,muaddib,dvd2svcd Fiddler,DSPguru,ChickenMan
...emilius256,pacohaas and winxi for trust me...
and some more friends that help me a lot
...a little here,a little there...
thank you all.

to encode we need:

to edit audio,we need:
BeSweetGUI and audio editor program
with fade capability(Sound Forge,T-Racks...).

please,read all after encode,better is print this pages.
is very,very simple ... and seems too big cos
everything is explained with extreme details,pass to pass!

now the link posted is correct:
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04-12-2003, 12:14 AM
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choose CCE or TMPGEnc for encoder.
* only for TMPGEnc :
if you choose TMPGEnc in the Encoder tab,
adjust this values in "GOP settings":
Rate Control Mode..."Constant Quality(CQ)" ,
Motion Search Precision..."High Quality(slow)" .
Offset Cq Value...60
File Prediction Factor...1.000
in Matrix tab choose "KVCD Notch BETA-1a"

the matrices "KVCD Notch BETA-1a" for TMPGEnc:

8 9 12 22 26 27 29 34
9 10 14 26 27 29 34 37
12 14 18 27 29 34 37 38
22 26 27 31 36 37 38 40
26 27 29 36 39 38 40 48
27 29 34 37 38 40 48 58
29 34 37 38 40 48 58 69
34 37 38 40 48 58 69 79

non intra
16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30
18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32
20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34
22 24 26 30 32 32 34 36
24 26 28 32 34 34 36 38
26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40
28 30 32 34 36 38 42 42
30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44

or copy this to matrices.ini in
dvd2svcd folder and save.
[KVCD Notch BETA-1a]
Intra=8,9,12,22,26,27,29,34,9,10,14,26,27,29,34,37 ,12,14,18,27,29,34,37,38,22,26,27,31,36,37,38,40,2 6,27,29,36,39,38,40,48,27,29,34,37,38,40,48,58,29, 34,37,38,40,48,58,69,34,37,38,40,48,58,69,79

NonIntra=16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,18,20,22,24,26,28 ,30,32,20,22,24,26,28,30,32,34,22,24,26,30,32,32,3 4,36,24,26,28,32,34,34,36,38,26,28,30,32,34,36,38, 40,28,30,32,34,36,38,42,42,30,32,34,36,38,40,42,44

ps: you will get 100 minutes in 1 cdr 700Mb. ;¬)
thanks for this all Kwag.


my (make over) scripts used for CCE or TMPGEnc:

first script: faster.(nervous)
second script: slow but, give short final size
and more details in the background.(gentle)

Quality: a few differences.
copy and paste to the final of dvd2svcd.ini and
adjust the location of the dlls in the "Frameserver" tab!

[AVISYNTH_Unfilter,Legalclip,BilinearResize,Dustv,C onvolution3d,Legalclip,Trim,Fade]
5=BicubicResize(464, 464, 0, 0.6, 0, 0, 720, 480)
!MPEG2Dec2.dll=C:\DVD2SVCD\Dlls\MPEG2DEC2TBarry\MP EG2DEC2.dll
!convolution3D.dll=C:\DVD2SVCD\Dlls\Convolution3D. dll


[AVISYNTH_Legalclip,BilinearResize,Unfilter,Tsmooth er,Mchroma,Mluma,Legalclip,Trim,Fade]
3=BicubicResize(464,464, 0, 0.6, 0, 0, 720, 480)
!MPEG2Dec2.dll=C:\DVD2SVCD\Dlls\MPEG2DEC2TBarry\MP EG2DEC2.dll

i did tests with many filters and got
good results with this scripts.
change the filters if you want but,
let "trim", "fadein" and "fadeout" in
the end of the script! (very important)

BicubicResize and AddBorders:
with this values,you don't loose the edges,
very nice to see in tv....from muaddib's MovieStacker.


adjusting unfilter in the first script to 50,50.... better result!
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04-12-2003, 12:17 AM
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follow this steps...
if you forgot something,
all the process will be engaged!

sample used:
was encoded in two segments...
"La Luna",Sarah Brightman,with
88 minutes and 35 seconds.
i did 400Mb for half size and another
400Mb for the second half!
i re encode this movie 3 times for test
and all encodes give the same result! ( duh! :¬/° )

first of all:
*if dvd wasn't ripped
or is ripped in one folder:

adjust in tabs:
DVD Rip tick "Use Internal routines".
CD Image tick "Don't make images".
Audio "Output mode" select "Dual Channel"and
Audio 1 Bitrate to your choice!!!(192 is nice)

Encoder tab choose CCE or TMPGEnc
(*adjust TMPGEnc like posted)

Frameserver... choose script,
"Edit as part of video encoding" (optional)
Misc. ...tick "Don't delete any files".

conversation tab:
choose "Auto Shutdown"
and tick
"Use frame selection" and
load the " .ifo" file.
click "Go"..."Rip only(Batch prepare)".

if we got sound in the prediction it will be more simple!
adjust in "Frame selections":
"start frame" and "end frame" values.
tick "Add range".
see and keep the frames and "time lenght"!
xx-xxxxx 00xx
zzz-zzzz 00:yy:yy
Ripping done!
close DVD2SVCD!

in the "default output folder",
edit with notepad the " dvd2svcd project file.d2s "
adjust in "[FrameSelection0]" "Frame to" the same
value of "[FrameSelection1]" and save.

FrameFrom=xx <---don't change
FrameTo=xxxxx <---change to zzzz

FrameTo=zzzz <---use this value

open Dvd2svcd and in
"misc" tab, tick "recover"!
load the "dvd2svcd projet file.ds2"...

in "bitrate" tab
adjust the all times(time lenght)
with the same value (00:yy:yy)
and all sizes(with the same size)to the desired value!

in "frameserver" tab,
adjust Trim with the values of FrameSelection1 :

adjust fade in/out values if needed!

tick "continue"...
...encoding the segment!
when the first frame selection finish,
you can close DVD2SVCD!
we need only to finish the job of the:
first frame selection of the video and
the second mp2 audio encoded.

...or wait until DVD2SVCD finish all jobs,
if you choose "Auto Shutdown" and left the pc alone!!

*warning,CCE error:
CCE error encoding
"Encoded_Video_CCE_NTSC_FS2.mpv"...don't matter,
in this point we have all needed files !!
close DVD2SVCD and continue!

make a folder called "video".
copy to this folder the file:

see in your player(wmplayer,zoomplayer,etc),
you got the video with fade in/out !

the Audio...
make a folder called "audio".
copy to this folder the files:
Encoded_audio_1_FS2.log and

using BeSweetGUI !
in "Input" of BeSweetGUI,load the
Extracted_audio_1.ac3 from "audio" folder .
in "Output" select "Wave-Stereo"
tick PreGain, Normalize to, 95% !(important)

tick in SSRC (Downconvet sample rate),
cos the .ac3 is 48Khz! (optional)

open with notepad the Encoded_audio_1_FS2.log,
and from the big command line...
read,copy and paste the values:

start and end points to "Partial Encoding"
example: "200.2002002002 and 270.27027027027"

click in "Set delay to" and adjust
the same value from log file!
example: -66

click "AC3 to WAV"...wait...
then click in "play WAV" to listen!
hint: compare the similarity of the logs.

open your audio editor program,
(sound forge,T-racks,etc)
load the Extracted_audio_1.wav
adjust fade in and fade out as desired,
(3 to 6 seconds is a good choice)
listen if all is ok.....
save the wave as
"NewExtracted_audio_1.wav" .

BeSweetGUI again !
in "Input" of BeSweetGUI, load the NewExtracted_audio_1.wav .

if your choice was 192 in "Audio 1 Bitrate" of DVD2SVCD,
select in "BeSweet Profiles" :
DSPguru_MP2_for_SVCD !

tick in SSRC (Downconvet sample rate),
cos the .ac3 is 48Khz! (optional)

click "WAV to MP2"...wait..
then click "Play MP2" to listen!

you got the audio with fade in/out !

using bbMPEG( v1.24beta 18 )... (svcd)
a good picture reference ...for VCD and SVCD too:
(tick SVCD, the remainder is the same!)

in "program stream settings" tab,
tick SVCD ,
untick "add svcd scan offsets" and "align sequence headers" .
in "forced mux rate" write 0 (zero).

in "input and output files" tab,
load in "open vs" the
Encoded_Video_TMPGEnc_NTSC_FS1.mpv (video folder) and
in "open as1" the
NewExtracted_audio_1.mp2 (audio folder).

ok and start.....

in audio folder,rename the "temp.mpg" to
Segment(x).mpg" !

(x) means: the number of the segment.
duh! :¬/° drivel bullshit

see and listen in your player(PowerDVD,wmplayer,zoomplayer,etc).

you got the Segment(x).mpg OK with fade in/out!!

compare the audios volumes after re-encode as .mp2,
loud audios not means quality!
if you have space, encode the .mp2 with more bitrate !

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